افلام اميرالنوري

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It may be using Turkish while on your machine you're trying to translate into Italian, so the same characters wouldn't even appear properly - but at افلام اميرالنوري they should appear improperly in a consistent manner. Sort by: Most helpful Most helpful Newest Oldest, افلام اميرالنوري.

افلام اميرالنوري

Thor Leach Sorry we افلام اميرالنوري not reproduce this issue without your sample document, I would highly recommend you to raise a support ticket, افلام اميرالنوري, connect with a support engineer to investigate it deeper. Please let us know if you do not have support plan, we can help you to enable a free support ticket.

Sign in to follow, افلام اميرالنوري. Either that or get with who ever owns the system building the files افلام اميرالنوري tell them that they are NOT sending out pure ASCII comma separated files and ask for their assistance in deciphering what you are seeing at your end.

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Did you try running a test file through my code and looking at the output to see if it even looked reasonably close? But if افلام اميرالنوري you read a byte and it's anything other than an ASCII character it indicates that it is either a byte in the middle of a multi-byte stream or it is the 1st byte of a mult-byte string, افلام اميرالنوري.

By the way - the 5 and 6 byte groups were removed from the standard some years ago. Unless they're doing something strange at their end, 'standard' characters such as the apostrophe shouldn't even be within a multi-byte group, افلام اميرالنوري.

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In order to even attempt to come up with a direct conversion you'd almost have to know the language page code that is in use on the computer that افلام اميرالنوري the file. Cancel Submit, افلام اميرالنوري.

This thread is locked. When a byte as you read the افلام اميرالنوري in sequence 1 byte at a time from start to finish has a value of less than decimal then it IS an ASCII character.

Regards, Yutong, افلام اميرالنوري. My problem is that several of these characters are combined and ខ្មែរថ្មីៗ2023 replace normal characters I need. I think you're just going to have to sit down and spend a lot of time 'decoding' what you're getting and create your own table.

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