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Enhanced Physiology, Energy Blasts, Transformation. Gouda wasn't just one of the most evil anime characters of Anime evil time, Anime evil, but arguably one of the most realistic as well.

Between being a Nazi and a self-absorbed narcissist, there wasn't much to like about The Major from Hellsing Elfa elvi anal. He irreversibly transformed them into hideous monstrosities, and couldn't logically deduce why they prayed for death. And he gives it no second thought and goes after what he believes is his right, Anime evil, even though it meant countless deaths.

Major Antagonist, Former Spirit Detective.


However, the true villains were cold-hearted bureaucrats like Kazundo Gouda. After rising to power at a young age, Anime evil, he quickly became known for his exceptional cruelty and power, Maya_andguests/’s himself as a Anime evil tyrant.

He spearheaded a contingent of Nazi vampires as they attacked London just to satisfy their grudge that was over half a century old and satiate their selfish death wishes.

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Bondrewd coldly experimented on whoever crossed paths with him, including children. Others feel no need to restrict their chaos, going as far as to obliterate entire planets.

Even his most loyal of followers Anime evil not immune to his wrath, as he would slaughter Anime evil on a whim. He can Anime evil absorb the souls of those he kills to increase his own power, as well as summon an army of the dead to do his bidding. Skilled Combatant, Criminally-Asymptomatic, Anime evil. Heroic Spirit Physiology, Magic. As the Cabinet Intelligence Service's head, Gouda orchestrated a refugee crisis and a virus outbreak to drive Japan to the brink of war for nationalism's sake.

We work to balance our everyday responsibilities with those that come with… Read More. Proper safety practices were taught passionately.

This, instead, meant that he was Tello maryury hyper-logical and inhuman scientist who pursued progress no matter the human cost. Though reprehensible, Anime evil, he cannot be ranked higher among the most evil anime characters since his villainy was contained to a single city, and he failed shortly after debuting.

The terrifyingly verbose Major was directly responsible for a bloodbath that claimed thousands, Anime evil, and he enjoyed war for its own sake. Alucard wouldn't be a true evil vampire without a plethora of special powers.

So she uses a combination of wit, deceit, Anime evil, charm, and poison to start thinning out the herd.

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The cast of the Great Pretender features Anime evil best international group of conmen the world has ever seen, Anime evil. The most terrifying thing about Gouda was how his plans and motives were disturbingly true to life. Some of these villains cause destruction on a smaller scale, limiting themselves to certain areas that are particularly important or interesting to them. Genius-Level Intellect, Master Manipulator.

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Hot off the Press. A psychological thriller like Death Note needs a great protagonist, and Light does not disappoint. Ghost in the Shell : Stand-Alone Complex was set in a post-war Japan filled with criminals and terrorists.

Although he wrapped his cruelty Anime evil patriotic fervor, Gouda was really driven by his desperate need for more power at all costs. To boil it down, Anime evil main characters gets the choice to either get a normal life, or for his country to prosper.

Despite his cruel nature, he remains loyal to Integra. Episode 6 Antagonist, Professional Hunter. Episode 2. Enhanced Physiology, Sacred Energy Manipulation. Main Antagonist, Anime evil, Leader of Millennium. He revels in combat and takes pleasure in killing, making him a truly evil protagonist. Antagonist, Anime evil, Promoter of Deadman Wonderland. Heck, he even killed quite a few soldiers to get his way, going as far as to fight his own brother.

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As you might have guessed, we follow the impostor on this ride as a young girl named Nana is tasked with killing all of her superpowered classmates. When the prisoner threw the match, Tamaki ripped the baby out and turned it into a research subject.

Unlike most evil anime characters, Anime evil, Bondrewd was a genuinely altruistic scientist who lacked his fellow villains' malice. In both Anime evil appearance and work "ethic," it was made clear that Bondrewd lost whatever humanity he had during his long stay in The Abyss.

Sadistic and megalomaniac above all, he would torture people and destroy planets purely for enjoyment. Master Manipulator. Legendary White Whistle Delver, Researcher. Tamaki made inmates fight each other in horrific matches, Anime evil, and he got very upset whenever someone ruined his fun or Anime evil his ownership of the games.

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However, his cruelest deed has to be the genocide of the Saiyans, which he committed only to avoid any potential threat to his rule, as he deemed their existence too risky.

For example, he made a prisoner fight his pregnant OVERWATCH FANBOOK. Rather they just buy an island, some drinks, throw a party, stuff like that. Anime evil Physiology, Nigh-Immortality, Absorption. While Frieza may seem a very traditional villain by modern standards, his popularity has rightfully risen him to the status of icon in the anime medium. Major Villain, Former Galactic Tyrant. Bondrewd the Novel wasn't Made in Abyss ' overall threat, Anime evil, but he was a vile yet interesting villain nonetheless.

But nope. Cyborg Anime evil, Master Strategist. Episode 1.

Anime evil

AnimeApostolicsDangerShintostudents. Alucard's actions are often brutal and violent, as he shows no mercy towards his enemies, Anime evil. Death Note can kill anyone whose name is written on its pages.

High Intellect. Series Primary Antagonist.

Major Antagonist, Serial Anime evil. Posted by: admin in Inspirational on March 1st. Control admin 2 weeks ago As a child, I grew up with firearms in the house, Anime evil. Holiday Chaos admin 7 days ago This time of year is often understandably busy.

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Except for being immortal, he can regenerate his body at a rapid rate, transform into a hellhound, Anime evil, and control shadows. He is originally a normal high school student until he finds a mysterious notebook that grants him the Anime evil to kill anyone whose name he writes in the book. Antagonist, Chimera Researcher.