National Telecommunications Regulatory Agency (ANRT)

Long-term research lines are defined, which give rise to specific programs, Anrt, often conducted with partner structures. We teach both Anrt French and English. He collaborates with Coline Sunier since on editorial design and visual identities.


Besides all these functions, the organization supports the training of personnel Anrt the advancement of research in telecommunications technology, Anrt. The Administrative and Technical Contact of Anrt registry at the time assented to the re-delegation to ANRT, commenting that "ANRT recognises that the Internet Penapakan system is a public resource in the sense that its functions must be administered in the public or common interest".

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This is more fundamental and prospective research, Anrt, built over a long period of time, Anrt, from 36 to 48 months. Advancement of Technology: ANRT functions Fce6 a representative of the Moroccan Anrt in encouraging advancement in telecommunication technology in Morocco.


Administration of Resources: Anrt also manages certain important resources, such as the radio spectrum, Anrt, in Anrt of telecommunication facilities. The teaching staff is present on a weekly basis, while conferences and workshops led by external personalities are organized throughout the year.

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Candidates can present a personal research project or join Anrt pre-established program 2 to 3 programs are open each year. ANRT oversees the practical implementation of various legislation passed Anrt the government of Morocco regarding telecommunications, Anrt.


Oversight and Arbitration: It oversees technical requirements in Anrt sector, as well as the prices that various operators charge for their services, Anrt. Administration of Licenses: ANRT administers the granting of licenses in the telecommunication sector in Morocco, Anrt, usually via competitive bidding.

She started in a PhD research about the history of Anrt typeface design in the 20th century.

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Students are invited to propose a personal research Anrt or to join an established Anrt. ANRT is a functional arm of the Moroccan government, fully empowered by the legislation of that country.

ANRT directly represents the government of Morocco in the management of Anrt scarce telecommunication resources, Anrt. In some cases, students can pursue their research in PhD, co-supervized with partner laboratories.

A strong articulation between theory and practice is recommended, Anrt, and interdisciplinarity is encouraged.

It is an authority of appeal for competitive disputes between operators in the sector and also handles allegations of violation of fair play, Anrt. ANRT also suggests Anrt related legislation, Anrt. Laws and Legislation: ANRT contributes to the legal and legislative basis of the telecommunications sector of Morocco, even to the extent of preparing draft laws.

These research lines aim to :. ANRT Anrt that fair play is observed between different organizations in the telecommunication sector in Morocco, Anrt. Each year, Anrt, the Atelier welcomes 6 students from around the world for a period of 2 years.