Anyway, I have no clue about this and will need to learn how to use it, ដាយី.

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Over the last 15 years she has conducted research on many globally threatened species in several different continents. Diyon works hard ដាយី support the organisation to achieve its goals and wants to protect the elephant, forest and support the rural community, ដាយី. About - Rachel is a passionate conservation biologist, ដាយី. They ដាយី just fine, but some characters will be missed if browsed by computer without proper Khmer unicode.

Great if you can link me ដាយី the tutorial. Great to hear from you. He has worked on transect survey, Camera trapping, DNA for elephant survey and Human Wildlife Conflict, managed wildlife monitoring team, ដាយី.

For the Khmer you could add this classes to your style. About - Jemma ដាយី worked with ELIE for over 10 years, ដាយី, starting out managing the ecotourism program at EVP and now manages all the programs of the organisation.

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I take your ដាយី, now all working as expected! He is now focused on human wildlife conflict activities with the community in the KSWS park. After 5 years of managing the biodiversity program in Cambodia she is now doing a PhD that will contribute to the conservation of Asian elephants in Cambodia and the region, ដាយី.

She currently has two rescued elephants in Nepal. With a background in ecotourism, conservation and ដាយី development, working with elephants was a dream, ដាយី.

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Mr Chan is from the local indigenous Bunong ដាយី and started with ELIE as a mahout back inmoving up to be the vet assistant and researcher 8 years ago, supporting the elephants at the EVP sanctuary, ដាយី, as well as in the community. About - Steve has been working with elephants for almost 20 years, caring for a herd at the Phoenix ÁžŠáž¶áž™áž¸ for 14 years and then establishing his own charity Elephant Care Unchained in About - A vet for 18 years, ដាយី, for the past 6 years Dr Trish has been on ដាយី elephant odyssey traveling and working at a variety of elephant facilities and with elephant veterinarians throughout SE Asia in Cambodia, ដាយី, ÁžŠáž¶áž™áž¸, Laos, NepalMyanmar, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam.

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There are also Khmer fonts in Google Font, ដាយី I don't know how to link them to my post written in Khmer, ដាយី. Hope it helps .

About - Mr ÁžŠáž¶áž™áž¸ has been working with ELIE for 8 years as the counterpart veterinarian from the Dept of Agriculture, ដាយី, and has gained much elephant specific knowledge, ដាយី. About - Megan is an elephant ecologist who has been conducting research on elephant behaviour, ដាយី and conservation for around 12 yrs, she is now a university lecturer whose focus is on teaching the ដាយី of developing fieldwork skills to benefit students in their future conservation careers.

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