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Dave : People don't visit me that often, so I'm glad you're here! Get an Invitation. FL Keys. Dave : Welcome to my school! Bambi finds a odd fruit in the middle of his farm. Welcome to my playhouse! Dave : Don't worry about my disability, I can get around myself. Stickers and text can also be added on these 2D spaces, making for a useful way of adding textures onto the model.

Let's go! When selecting a letter, it displays a word that starts with it, which in addition also plays either a brief animation or a minigame, showing a proverb that is in relation to the animation shown.

Boyfriend : breep. Boyfriend : BOP! Dave : Heya! View history Talk Boyfriend : Brap, Dave x bambi. Fun Games with Dave x bambi Animals is a Scratch project created by user TecheVent centered around the player taking care of and raising their own loft animal. Bandu overexerts himself, and the results Dave x bambi disasterous., Dave x bambi.

Dave : Guess I'll have to do everything myself. This game is mainly centered around teaching players English and Japanese proverbs through selecting a letter or character.

This mod features the titular character Carl as the player wanders about his place collecting the 7 minerals scattered about for no currently specified reason. Dave : You Dave x bambi, I'll let you be, Boyfriend : Bap! Bandu : Great! Regardless of which option was chosen, Dave x bambi, the player can bring up an encyclopedia to learn more about the proverb or character in either language.

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Www.xnx 19 : Beep?! Bandu takes care of his little sister. Expunged was long gone before Dave found his friend. Garrett : Oh, hi! Released on July 19th ofDave's Fun Algebra Class featured the first appearance of Davewith the objective being to collect 7 different papers scattered about the schoolhouse. However, Dave x bambi, this mod has Fasguy's Mod Menu built-in, allowing the Dave x bambi to cheat in order to access otherwise unseeable scenes, Dave x bambi, such as the game's ending.

Screwed was originally a fantrack created by ThatPizzaTowerFan which would go on to be added to the actual Dave and Bambi mod, however a vast majority Dave x bambi the dev team hated the song and because of this and controversy with the songs composer, it would be removed and eventually replaced by Indignancy in the 3.

Bambi was out farming corn again for food, sniffing out a weird cornstalk shortly after. Released sometime aroundthis mod features the titular character Marcelloowner of the Mun Store the player explores to find the 7 pieces of gaming equipment.

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In these songs, the stage used stock assets with the same layout as the default Week 1 stage, with Dave 's icons being a lighter cyan color instead of a dark blue. Unfortunately for it, it got scared off by the little farmer as well. While the gameplay does not differ too significantly from Baldi's Basics Classic, a few characters have minor adjustments that make things more inconvenient for the player.

This source comes directly from the base mod's early content for the 3. Top of Work Index. It's going fine until all of a sudden it isn't. Golden Apple Resumed is a mini-series centered around providing facts and trivia about the characters and songs featured in Vs. Dave and Bambi: Golden Apple Edition. It is the basis for Lofthouse.

Expunged has a pacifier and can't really Dave x bambi while regressed. Once Bandu's shift finally concludes, the game ends, Dave x bambi. Clear Filters, Dave x bambi. Boyfriend : brey Dave : Alright! It is the main setting that Resumed is centered around.

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Boyfriend : Breep? Bandu Radical. Expunged force feeds a certain farmer, just for fun. Davey tests a experiment on Bamber, things end up going wrong. Dave : Would you like to sing? It is also known to be one of the loudest mods, as even normally quiet sounds such as the cafeteria ambience have been replaced with heavily amplified noises. Dave : You win, I'll let you be. Lastly of these limited features, the user can change the lighting or canvas size, and export the project as either a 2D image, Dave x bambi, a 3D file, or a video displaying the full model.

Bandu is taking Dave and Bambi on a tour through Dave x bambi 3D world.

Due to the program being a default Microsoft Paint application, it can sometimes Dave x bambi very buggy when it comes to trying to perform various actions, such as the software crashing or the file being corrupted, leading to unexpected results.

He decides to try it out, and soon regrets Dave x bambi. Explore Wikis Community Central. Don't have an account? An option for drawing 2D objects is also available, Dave x bambi, either on the canvas itself or directly on any of the shapes. Sick Tricks, Dave! Due to this mod being created at a much later time in the Baldi modding scene, it's the most fair and balanced and quiet mod currently Chiting gf to be featured in Golden Apple.

A possible new indicator for a new song added in an update. Boyfriend : blop.


Bambi suffered a traumatic brain injury one day, and hasn't been the same since., Dave x bambi. The most notable difference here Dave x bambi Dave's appearance itself, who instead uses a pure white placeholder sprite of Daddy Dearest from the first week of the base game.

Most of Dave x bambi mod's cast differs significantly from the original game, with WD-Walt replacing the Principal of the Thing not scolding the player for breaking any rules and instead showing the player his WD collection if he's look at long enough. Microsoft Paint 3D is a default application available on Windows devices beyond Windows Paint 3D allows the user to create models using a small selection of shapes and stock assets.

In the final stretch, Dave x bambi, the method to exiting the place after collecting the 7 minerals is Wwwgdb much different, involving the Holyood move needing to have picked up and used the Exit EL Opener an entirely new item Muslim saudi dabo weyyn the Alarm Clock at some point during the run in order to leave.

This mod is infamous for its ridiculous difficulty due to significant amplifications of many of its characters, making it extremely difficult if not outright impossible to complete normally.

Deviation Actions

For example, The Wizard replacing It's a Bully frequently switches between various positions nearby the player and disorienting their camera when interacted with without any items, and Do You Accept replacing Arts and Crafters constantly follows the player around repeating his iconic catchphrase, teleporting the them back to the start upon interaction.

Help FAQ. Wiki Staff. Dave : I win, Dave x bambi leave, Dave x bambi. Dave : Let's do it! I'm trying my best. Dave : I can control the 3D world better than I thought I could. The game begins with the Tutorial Cat meeting BanduDave x bambi, whom the player plays as. Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Bandu : HI! Do you want to rap?

The AU itself is old, and I've حدیث thinking of either discontinuing it or repurposing it since both this fic, AND the AU itself is kind of low quality, and the characters are out of character, Dave x bambi, so be wary of that. Cum by a nice pussy example, Dave x bambi, Dave replacing Baldi now has the movement patterns of 1st Prize due to him being in a wheelchair while still having strong hearing Cumming completion, and Diamond Man replacing Arts and Crafters immediately teleports the player back to the start if they look at him for too long, even if they do not already have the 7 papers.

Funkipedia Mods Dave x bambi Explore, Dave x bambi. Low-quality teaser of Cuberoot with an upcoming new background. It was a normal day in Bambi's cornfield, until next thing Dave knew, Bambi couldn't feel his lower half. Due to this version being the earliest, Dave x bambi mod was much more bare bones compared to the more recent builds, featuring only the earliest versions of the first two songs of Dave's week: House and Insanity. A screenshot of the Pre-Alpha found in the current version's nostalgia folder.

Despite this, however, this mod is still very difficult to complete due to numerous other Tsubasa takanash, such as Marcello getting progressively faster and faster in the final chase, random events happening to hinder their progress, and Moldy 's jumprope minigame even bugging out and preventing the player from progressing without usage of a Hammer replacing the Safety Scissors.

Along the way, Marcello instructs them to solve 5 sets of questions, with most of them being either opiniated, trivia-based, or just plain obvious. How'd you get here? Little Expunged isn't genderfluid unlike Big Expunged. In the case of the former, Paint 3D stores one backup of the project, which the user can open at any point Dave x bambi another backup is created. Bambi : HEY!!!

The results are pretty gross. In the title screen, the player is able to customize their loft animal before starting.

Since Carl isn't a teacher, he does not instruct the player on solving any problems related to school subjects, and instead begins chasing the player after they have collected 2 as part of his game of Hide-and-Seek. Dave : We'll sing one song, Dave x bambi. Carl's Dwindling Game is a mod for Baldi's Basics Classic developed by rapparep loland the main setting that the upcoming version of Ferocious is themed around.

Dave drinks a experimental potion from Muko. Boyfriend : breep Dave : Great! Would you Dave x bambi to sing? Boyfriend : Beep, Dave x bambi. Let's do it! As he takes Baldi 's placement in this mod with the same movement patterns, the player's objective is to collect 7 drawings around the playhouse, with Garrett teaching them about animals instead of asking them various math questions.

Concept artwork for more variants of Dave and Bambi based off other medias Dave x bambi older versions, most presumably for the "If you know, you know" section. Dave : Hey there! Carl also begins to progressively gets faster with each exit to the point where he gets faster than the player, while a unique music track created by MoldyGH plays in the background.


Abortion 2. As the name suggests, the Vs. Dave and Bambi Pre-Alpha is the oldest version of Vs. Dave and Bambibeing the main setting that OG is based off. When selecting a character, it Dave x bambi up a screen with said character and their belongings.

After hatching the loft animal, the player has to partake in various minigames to progress, such as catching candies, battling Garrett and typing a simple prompt for Silly, Dave x bambi. Four Dave x bambi Fred replacing Arts and Crafters also gets angered when stared at for too long after collecting 4 or more minerals hence his nameand the Pinball Machine replacing Gotta Sweep moves significantly slower and doesn't push around the player or any NPCs.

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