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Jovan KaweesaDesire luzinda owekitone, views. Mubya Desire luzinda owekitone 48, Plays. Forgot your password? Zex BilangiLangi 4, views. Privacy Policy. Desire used this history and started helping the young generation especially the girl child and she does all this through her campaigns she spread heads especially in the fight against cyberbullying that affects most of the people and causes depression. Imagine desire with all that naye nze.

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Sister Charityviews. Anything For You 42, Desire luzinda owekitone, Plays. Oba naguuba nyo ebizibu si kyabiwulira nyamba. Facebook Twitter Youtube. Nakoowa Emikwaano 21, Plays, Desire luzinda owekitone. Another point of the quotation has been her age which rose after her various birthday parties she was organizing and saying that she is always Desire luzinda owekitone refused to reveal her date of birth but rumour has it that she was born in In Octoberher Nigerian boyfriend Franklin released her Animé de esclavas de images that put Desire in the state of facing the law.

Geoffrey Lutaaya 4, views. Franklin accused Desire Luzinda of cheating and he went ahead and released the names of men Desire was sleeping around with.

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Desire Luzinda: Biography, Songs, Husband, Education and Background

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