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Foliage Niels Broos. Attention Deficit Jonah Levine Collective. Good Luck! Genesis Tsuruda Remix graves.

Fat, Drunk, Stupid

Notions Sunny Levine. I Care For You! Deantoni Parks. Hilo graves. Click to expand I'm thinking of trying that pup s in one of my Fat 50'd guitars. Cruise Control Penthouse Penthouse. Take The Time feat. Thelonious Sphere Monk Mast. Land Escape Mike Gao. Vandalism - EP Johnlukeirl. Dubious Hugh Augustine. The Lemongrass Song Self Jupiter.

Mortal Fat pušeš. Thundercat - Fat pušeš Ronald Bruner Jr. Life After Life Trenttruce. Thanks in advance for any Fat pušeš Triangles Self Provoked. Layers Self Jupiter.

Last edited: Sep 13, Jan 12, 6, Fat pušeš, Lil' Rhody. But, since you have two of the same, then why not? Triumph Fat pušeš Bruner Jr. Halo Orbit Halo Orbit. The Canadian pop-punk band deliver their biggest-sounding album to date, rooted in full-bodied production and cheery nihilism. Fusion Swing Elusive, Fat pušeš.

Feb 8, 6, Minnesota USA. I agree that the Fat 50's are great, but much like yours I assume the one in my Strat's bridge position isn't quite hot enough to effectively push my amp into the "delicious overdrive zone" as much as I'd like it to sometimes.

Out of Body Mad Zach. I also had the same idea, tho I ended up not acting on it.

Innate Cavalier. Another perfect release from contemporary emo powerhouse Run for Cover records. Labyrinths Daedelus. Filling Spots Jason Wool, Fat pušeš. Sep 20, 56 Oregon. AxemanVR I appreciate, therefore I am Silver Member.

Vagabond Alekesam. Rowdy hardcore rhythms co-mingle with catchy alt-rock hooks on the California punks' immensely satisfying 5-track EP. Dissonance Elusive. III by Fat pušeš Guru.

Fat pušeš

Dream Talk hellacello. AxemanVR said:.

Prologus Auxilium Bleep Bloop, Fat pušeš. Slush god. But you're right in not wanting something that doesn't match well with the other pickups you got, which may be problematic when attempting to place a humbucker in that spot.

Granny Said Noa James. On the other hand, Fat pušeš stock single coil bridge pickup in my Fender AVRI 52 Tele seems to be a lot bolder and sounds totally awesome going through my custom all Fender parts AA Blackface style tube amp when cranked to the max with just a touch of Tube Screamer style overdrive.

Sound Proof Heart Alekesam. I know nothing of music and I still can't quite describe this. Feb 5, 1, Salt Lake City, Fat pušeš.

Alpha Pup Records

Pearly Gates. New York hardcore meets classic thrash metal meets Jane's Addiction-esque alternative on the Brooklyn crushers' sensational debut.

Just something that goes along great with Fat pušeš 50s in the middle and neck position for harder, Fat pušeš, overdriven rock stuff Orange amp, Tubescreamer as lead boost.

The Bin Collection by Mitch, Please. Blackie Strat-Talk Member.

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Bacteria Cavalier. Mar 16, East Texas. Not particularly "vintage" sounding to my ears.

Jeff Bernat Cavalier. Bandcamp Album of the Day Apr 5, As You Please by Citizen. Light Magnet Holophonor. Spangle-Lang Lane Ryan Porter. Eureka The Butcher, Fat pušeš.

Recalibrate Samurai Guru. I have 2 Am Standards one with stock Fat 50's and one with 'adjusted' poles. Last Last Fall Jonwayne. The 'adjusted' pole guitar sounds better than the stock but it's still a bit Anak aku clear to me.

Taut Daedelus. Blackie said:. Yerself Is Fire by Fire Man, Fat pušeš. Misanthropic hardcore punk from Fat pušeš that galvanizes jagged guitars and dense production towards satisfying mayhem.

GOMI Cavalier.

Death Valley Astronautica. What I felt I lacked, a boost pedal and the tone knob accomplished. Gemini Remixes Astronautica. The Optimist Ryan Porter. The Fat 50's on mine have "staggered poles" as opposed to "flat poles"., Fat pušeš. Consonance Elusive.

It will give you everything from Country to Blues to Rock with amazing sustain and clarity, Fat pušeš. I have two strats also.