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Assuming Gaded modal xx our ultimate goal is a theory Publicity Shop universals and variation in human language, one important task for the field is to gather information about modality in unfamiliar and understudied languages. This issue has been the subject of much debate, and I discuss it in slightly more detail in the next sub-section.

Another example is Niuean Polynesianwhich possesses a general-purpose epistemic modal liga, usable in contexts of both high and low certainty, but two circumstantial modals, Gaded modal xx, maeke and lata, which are specialized for force possibility and necessity respectively.

Izvorski, Roumyana The present perfect as an epistemic modal. There might have been ice cream in the freezer. McCready, Eric and Norry Ogata Evidentiality, modality and probability.

Nauze, Fabrice Modality in Typological Perspective. Journal of Germanic Linguistics Faller, Martina Semantics and pragmatics of evidentials in Cuzco Quechua.

McCready, Eric and Nicholas Asher Modal subordination in Japanese: Dynamics and evidentiality. PhD dissertation, MIT. On the interaction of aspect and modal auxiliaries. Peterson, Tyler Epistemic modality and evidentiality in Gitksan at the semantics- pragmatics interface, Gaded modal xx.

Intensional semantics. Graf, D. Paperno, A. Szabolcsi and J. Tellings eds. McDowell, Joyce Assertion and Modality. One way in which the field of Gaded modal xx extends beyond what I have discussed here is simply in terms of construction types.

You send your son to bring her hot soup. Proceedings of NELS Iatridou, Sabine The past, the possible and the evident. PhD dissertation, University of British Columbia. PhD dissertation, Stanford University. Reis Silva, M. Circumstantial Modality in Blackfoot. Proceedings of Sinn und Bedeutung 16, Vol. Gitksan modals. On the non- future orientation of modals. Ninan, Dilip Two puzzles about deontic necessity. From prediction to epistemic evidential: Greek and Italian futures.

Holland Institute Gaded modal xx Generative Linguistics. Covert modality in non-finite contexts, Gaded modal xx. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter, Zamarajanan, Claudia and Sarah Cummins Tensed modals. However, the data from other languages were not restricted to auxiliaries; we have looked at modal verbs, affixes, second-position clitics, and adverbs. Scientific American Homer, Vincent Epistemic Modals: High ma non troppo.

HSK Halpern, Joseph Defining relative likelihood in partially-ordered preferential structures. Copley, Bridget What should should mean. References Abraham, Werner The Gaded modal xx source of the epistemic-root distinction of modal verbs in German.

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This is predicted by the system presented. Eilam, Gaded modal xx, T. Scheffler and J. Tauberer eds. International Journal of American Linguistics On how not to uncover cross-linguistic variation. But today you see him fishing. Sloman, Aaron Mind Speas, Margaret On the syntax and semantics of evidentials. In 52c-dhave introduces a low-scoping perfect aspect and gives past temporal orientation, but have can also induce past temporal perspective when it combines with a modal which contains historical past tense morphology such as might or could.

They argue that cross- linguistically, modal flavour is independent of temporal perspective, and that all possibility modals can have past temporal perspectives, whether they are interpreted epistemically or circumstantially. Garrett, Edward Evidentiality and Assertion in Tibetan. She actually took the day off because her apartment flooded, so she asks why you sent her soup in the middle of the day.

It also Gaded modal xx how phenomena in unfamiliar languages have parallels or counterparts within familiar languages when the latter are 35 References for any one of these topics would be too numerous to cite. Overlap between Big Boob fucking video and epistemic modal marking. Epistemic modals have been shown to allow past temporal perspectives in a number of non-English languages; see Eidefor Norwegian, Kratzer for English and German, and HomerMari and Martin for French.

There is already evidence that flavour, force, and temporal Gaded modal xx are not randomly combined. But you found out later it was the gutters leaking. Dryer and M. Haspelmath eds. Eguren and O. Amsterdam: John Benjamins, Brennan, Virginia Root and Epistemic modal auxiliary verbs. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. But you found out later that the sprinklers had been watering the ground. Heim, Irene and Angelika Kratzer Semantics in Generative Grammar.

Words, Worlds, and Contexts. Maienborn, K. Portner eds. Chen, Sihwei The temporal interpretation of modals in Mandarin Chinese. Lingua Chicago: University of Chicago Press. Hogeweg, H.

Malchukov eds. Lekakaou, M. Nilsen Gaded modal xx aspect can tell us about the future of MUST. Lecarme eds, Gaded modal xx. Impressionistically, it seems that epistemic modals including elements which have traditionally been analyzed as evidentials may be more likely to lack duals. Norwegian Modals. Dordrecht: Springer, Gaded modal xx, Drubig, Hans On the syntactic form of epistemic modality.

Poster presented at the Modality Ottawa U. Cinque, Guglielmo Coates, Jennifer The expression of root and epistemic possibility in English. An overarching goal is therefore to establish the extent to which variation in modal-temporal interactions reduces to those independent temporal differences.

The Philosophical Review Might made right. Li and D, Gaded modal xx. Lutz eds. Stowell c. The Interaction of Modality and Negation. Fagan, Sarah Epistemic modality and tense in German, Gaded modal xx.

On similarity in counterfactuals, Linguistics and Philosophy Imperfectivity: Capturing variation across languages. I am using prospective here by analogy to languages which overtly mark future temporal orientation with prospective aspect markers, such as Gitksan see section 4.

Natural Language Semantics Aikhenvald, Alessandra Oxford: Oxford University Press. Partee, Barbara Many quantifiers. On the interaction of modality and temporality: Evidence from 15 languages.

Gitksan is a case in point; we saw above that this language encodes force distinctions in the circumstantial domain, but not the epistemic. Scale structure, degree modification, and the semantics of gradable predicates.

Whether other predictions are upheld is a Gaded modal xx for future research. The Linguistic Variation Yearbook Notes on the Niuean perfect.

The issue is whether sentences like 55a- c can make an assertion about what was epistemically possible or necessary at some past time. Martin, Fabienne Epistemic modals in the past.

Menzies, Stacey Honours thesis, University of British Columbia. Nsyilxcen modality: Semantic analysis of epistemic modality. Evidence about evidentials: Where fieldwork meets theory. Weisgerber ed. A second sub-part of the puzzle posed by is the restriction of the epistemic interpretation to Gaded modal xx present temporal perspective.

Laturnus, Rebecca Future modals in Ktunaxa, Gaded modal xx. There is, of course, already a rich tradition of modality research in the typological literature; see Bybee et al.

Von Fintel and Gillies argue that 55c does have a past-temporal perspective epistemic reading; the reading is facilitated by a discourse context as in There is none in there. Modality for the 21st century. A possible worlds semantics for Cuzco Quechua evidentials. According to Turnerepistemic modals in these two languages do not allow past temporal perspectives.

New Approaches in Word Semantics. Beaver, L. Casillas Martinez, B. Clark and S. Kaufmann eds. Oxford: John Benjamins, Deal, Amy Rose Gaded modal xx without scales. First, English and Gitksan differ superficially, in that temporally unmarked epistemic modals can Gaded modal xx future-oriented in Indiamasturbation but not in Gitksan; this is shown in Van de Vate In this section I have sketched a Condoravdi-inspired approach to modal-temporal interactions, which makes the universal hypotheses that temporal perspective is given by tense or the language-internal functional equivalent and temporal Gaded modal xx is restricted by aspect.

PhD dissertation, University of Pennsylvania. Munich: Max Planck Digital Library. New York: Garland Press. New York: Garland. PhD dissertation, Rutgers. There has not yet Gaded modal xx as much research into flavour-force correlations, but an interesting question is whether one particular modal flavour might be more likely to lack duals than another.

Eikmeyer and H. Rieser eds. Linguistic Typology Barbiers, Sjef The Syntax of Interpretation, Gaded modal xx. Unlike the modal auxiliary might, maybe does not scope under tense and cannot receive a past temporal perspective. Some of the evidence for this claim is presented in the next sub-section. Merlin might win the game. Kratzer argues that English possesses a null prospective aspect marker which co-occurs with modals, and its absence can lead to actuality entailments.

Further research is obviously required. However, Turner suggests that this may be due to the fact that the epistemic modals in question are of the wrong syntactic category. This leads to at least three consequences. PL ABS we. PhD dissertation, University of Massachusetts, Amherst. McCormack, A. Smith Modals and negation in English. Oxford: Benjamins, Matthewson, Lisa Matthewson, Lisa a.

In Berns, J. Jacobs and T. Scheer eds. Stowell, Tim Tense and modals. Paper presented at the Modality Ottawa U. Seiter, William Studies in Niuean Syntax. Kennedy, Chris and Louise McNally, Gaded modal xx. Published by Mouton de Gruyter. Picallo, M. Carme Natural Language Gaded modal xx Linguistic Theory Portner, Paul Modals as distributive indefinites. For example, there is a well-known flavour-orientation correlation which we hinted at above, namely that circumstantial modals usually — sometimes even obligatorily — have future orientation.

MA thesis, University of British Columbia. To appear in Natural Language and Linguistic Theory. Boogart, Ronny The past and perfect of epistemic modals. Institut Jean Nicod, Paris.

Finlay, Stephen Oughts and ends.

Behold a dumpy, comfortable British paterfamilias in a light flannel suit and a faded sun hat. Powers and K. The Ohio State University. Each of these languages has lexical items dedicated to epistemic modality, so the modal flavour is unambiguously epistemic. Gradable epistemic modals, probability, and scale structure.

There are also three-way correlations between force, flavour and temporal orientation, such as a restriction of epistemic necessity modals to past orientation; see Werner and Portner on English, Lekakou and Nilsen on Greek, and Reis Silva in prep.

Later, she finds out the pet is a snake. Blackfoot Modality. Kratzer, Gaded modal xx, Angelika The notional category of modality. A common belief is that the semantic restriction on the temporal properties of epistemic modals derives from a syntactic restriction, namely that epistemic modals scope over tense, while non-epistemic modals scope under it.

Barbiers, F. Beukema and W. Amsterdam and Philadelphia: John Benjamins, McCready, Eric Evidential universals. Venice is a City of the Past, and wears her faded yet queenly robes more gracefully by night than by day. Aloni, Gaded modal xx, P. Dekker and F. Gaded modal xx eds.

Gaded modal xx

But neither are Jim Webb or Carly Fiorina—or any of the other faded stars floating a potential candidacy to remain relevant. Merlin might have won the game, Gaded modal xx. Hawthorne Gaded modal xx. These two different roles for have underlie the famous ambiguity of might have-constructions, pointed out by many including Huddleston and PullumCondoravdi and Ippolitoand illustrated in One sub-part of the puzzle is the restriction of the circumstantial reading in 54 to future orientation.

But you find out later that sprinklers had been watering the ground. In this paper the English data were drawn mainly from modal auxiliaries as is the tradition in much of the literature. Language and Linguistics Compass Stalnaker, Robert Stephenson, Tamina Judge dependence, epistemic modals, and predicates of personal taste.

Vander Klok observes Gaded modal xx Nauze predicts that a Gaded modal xx could possess one modal expression which is polyfunctional along the modal force dimension, and another expression which is polyfunctional along the modal flavour dimension, within the same domain epistemic or non-epistemic.

Oxford: Blackwell. Sean Penn and William Hurt were also considered, but Tarantino wanted John Travolta, whose star had fadedfor the part. Sometimes, the failure of a semantic analysis to extend to a new domain is due to independent factors like syntax. Typological Studies in Linguistics 32, John Benjamins, Temporal interpretation of modals: Modals for the present and the past. Measurement and modality: The scalar basis of modal semantics.

For example, a language should be able to contain one modal which is specified for a particular non-epistemic flavour e. These works provide extensive information about how modal notions are expressed across languages as verbs, affixes, etc.

Yet he realized that Mrs. Chepstow was looking less fadedyounger, more beautiful than when last he had been with her, Gaded modal xx. Added to this is a recent growth of formal research on modality, which is able through hypothesis-driven investigation and the collection of negative evidence to isolate precisely and accurately the semantics of modal elements in a range of languages. Eide, Kristin. Moeschler and G. Puskas eds. Hengeveld, Kees Illocution, mood and modality.

PhD Dissertation, Amsterdam University. Rubinstein, Aynat Gaded modal xx Roots of modality. Murray, Sarah Evidentiality and the structure of speech acts. Mari, Alda Temporal reasoning and modality. Bybee and S. Fleischman eds. In the close relation and affection of these last days, the sense of alienation and antagonism faded from both their hearts, Gaded modal xx.

Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research 7: 1— Reasoning about Uncertainty. Lassiter, Daniel b. For example, we have already seen that languages without overt past-present distinctions allow past temporal perspectives without Gaded modal xx overt marking. Berlin: De Gruyter, Matthewson, Lisa b. Modal semantics also arises in conditionals, viewpoint aspects, tenses, Japanese office lift, indefinite articles, adverbs, adjectives, infinitivals, and so on.

The system in Table 4 violates this restriction, because it involves referential ambiguity along both the flavour and the force dimensions, within the same circumstantial domain. Egan and B. Weatherson eds. These are general principles which rely on the fact that metaphysical modals quantify over worlds which only vary for times following the temporal perspective. Nauze investigates a relatively small sample six languages from six families, as opposed to the languages of van der Auwera and Ammann Nauze advances the following tentative proposal: Modal elements can only have more than one meaning along a unique axis of the semantic space: they either vary on the horizontal axis and thus are polyfunctional in the original sense of expressing different types of modality or they vary on the vertical axis and can express possibility and necessity, but they cannot vary on both axes Nauze This proposed universal rules out a modal element which is polyfunctional both in terms of modal flavour, and in modal force.

When Pat asks her why she bought a bone, Gaded modal xx, she says: matonni ni-maat-ssksini-'p-wa ot-aanist-a'pssi-wa piiksiksinaa-wa yesterday 1-NEG-know. Lee, Gaded modal xx, Jungmee Evidentiality and its Interaction with Tense: Evidence from Korean. Linguistics and Philosophy On the event relativity of modal auxiliaries.

Philosophical Studies Synthese An opinionated guide to epistemic modality. More cross-linguistic research is obviously required to test these typological predictions. Rullmann, Hotze and Lisa Matthewson Epistemic modals with a past temporal perspective. Stowell b. Groenendijk, Jeroen and Martin Stokhof Modality and conversational information.

Within English and to a certain extent for other languages, the issue is still controversial, Gaded modal xx. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter.

Lecture notes, Univ. Language Demirdache, Hamida and Myriam Uribe-Etxebarria On the temporal syntax of non-root modals. A hypothetical system of this type is schematized in Table 4. Palmer, Frank Mood and Modality 2nd edition. Lappin ed. Hockett, Charles The origin of speech. Oxford: Blackwell, Eide, Kristin Modals and tense. Peterson and U. Sauerland eds. Linguistic Inquiry Ippolito, Michela Presuppositions and implicatures in counterfactuals.

Jackendoff, Gaded modal xx, Ray Semantic Interpretation in Generative Grammar. For example, Gaded modal xx, I mentioned above that Matthewson et Gaded modal xx. Formal research on such languages will allow us to develop a formal typology of modality, which in turn will facilitate Gaded modal xx theoretical understanding. Otherwise, past TP in English is marked by the perfect auxiliary have.

Mari, Alda and Fabienne Martin Tense, abilities and actuality entailment. His hair was darker—almost brown save at the temples, where age had faded it to an ashen colour. Liu, Tianhan Modal Concord in Mandarin. Proceedings of the North East Linguistic Society Towards a scientific approach to linguistic typology: Lessons from the Pacific Northwest.

Tense and modality. Wunderlich and A. Berlin: de Gruyter, Modality in context: Context and content lectures. It has for example been proposed that the relevant readings involve an elided embedding attitude verb or because-clause Hacquard Gaded modal xx,Gaded modal xx, or that they are felicitous due to contexts of free indirect discourse FaganBoogaartHacquard For arguments against some of these escape hatches, see HomerRullmann and Matthewsonand see 30 As discussed in section 2.

PhD dissertation, University of Southern California. Gajewski, V. Hacquard, B. Nickel and S. Yalcin eds. There had to be a hundred people there.

Modals and Conditionals: New and Revised Perspectives. Abusch, Dorit Circumstantial and temporal dependence in counterfactual modals. Goble, Gaded modal xx, Lou Utilitarian deontic logic. While in 61 there is no overt marking of past orientation, in 63 the future orientation is achieved by means of the overt prospective aspect marker dim. Arregui, Gaded modal xx On the accessibility of possible worlds: the role of tense and aspect.

There are two counter- examples to the pattern in Matthewson et al. Lassiter, Daniel a. Maybe there was ice-cream in the freezer. Booij, C.

Lehmann, J. Mugdan and S. Berlin: Walter de Gruyter. Boeder, C. Schroeder, K. Wagner and W. Wildgen eds. Asked why she opened the freezer, she replies: There might have been ice-cream in the freezer. Lecture notes, MIT, Gaded modal xx. How to say ought in foreign: The composition of weak necessity modals.

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In each Bokep indo kaka dan adik the tense provides the temporal perspective TPand aspect restricts the temporal orientation TO. As is well known, English modal auxiliaries do not synchronically inflect for tense, but in languages in Xtrem anall Some analyses, including that of Condoravdido not include a prospective viewpoint aspect but instead place an inherent future semantics in the modal itself.

Louie, Gaded modal xx, Meagan Report on past epistemic readings. Laca, Brenda Gaded modal xx modal tenses and tensed modals. Stolterfoht and S. Featherston eds. The past temporal perspective is ensured by the discourse context, and is not overtly marked because tense is non-overt Gaded modal xx all these languages, Gaded modal xx. Oxford: Oxford University Press, CIA leaks.

Giannkidou, Anastasia and Alda Mari to appear. Butler, Jonny A minimalist treatment of modality. Obviously, languages vary independently in their temporal systems. Many empirical and analytical questions remain about all of these areas, as well as about the interactions between them. Theoretical Linguistics Coreference and modality.

Lewis, David Lewis, Davis On the Plurality of Worlds. Exactly one of perfective or imperfective applies in each clause, and either perfect or prospective may optionally add between the first aspect and the modal. See also Iatridou for relevant discussion, including the claim that some but not all of what we currently classify as epistemics can scope under tense. Proceedings of ICGL 8. Hacquard, Valentine Aspects of Modality.