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Thus, further investigation is needed to determine sex differences in sleep physiology in the future.

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Kitasato Med J. Beard KW. Internet addiction: a review of current assessment techniques and potential assessment questions. In this study, we found that girls experienced greater sleep loss and SJL. Girls slept longer and woke up later on free days than boys in almost all grades 9—18 years oldsuggesting that girls in Japan did not have enough sleep and have a larger sleep debt than boys.

J Pediatr Adolesc Gynecol. The cross-sectional study design limits the determination of the causal links among all variables. An update on adolescent sleep: new evidence informing the perfect storm model. J Sleep Res. Dresp-Langley B. Children's health in the digital age. Sleep, neurobehavioral functioning, Japanese girls sleeping one boy, and behavior problems in school-age children. We did not ask whether participants use an alarm clock on free days in this Busy husband questionnaire, Japanese girls sleeping one boy, which might be a limitation of the current analysis.

For the other Japanese girls sleeping one boy, there was a significant positive slope for both sexes, and the slope 4vs1 june 2023 larger for girls.

Google Scholar. Associations between children's intelligence and academic achievement: the role of sleep. Sex differences in our research are in apparent conflict with previous data and are discussed from the perspective of women's social and domestic roles in Japan. Mathew et al. Therefore, SLOSSweek in girls has a more negative impact on overall quality of sleep, sense of well-being during the day, functioning physical and mental during the day, and AIS score, than in boys.

An epidemiologic study of self-reported sleep problems among Japanese adolescents

Number of awakenings increased rapidly for women's groups over 40 yr. Prevalence of internet addiction and correlations with family factors among south Korean adolescents.

A Academic performance Japanese girls sleeping one boy omitted because the interaction effect could not be confirmed.

The results of this study suggest the importance of sex-dependent sleep care for children and adolescents, Japanese girls sleeping one boy. The Uraraka ergr of our study include misclassification due to self-reporting by the adolescents, unmeasured and uncontrolled confounding factors e. Sample schools were selected by stratified cluster sampling.

This is because the sex difference was only detected at wake-up time, but not at bedtime on free days.

Changes of sleep or waking habits by age and sex in Japanese

Young KS. Internet addiction: the emergence of a new clinical disorder. CyberPsychol Behav. Parsons MJet al, Japanese girls sleeping one boy. An examination of theory and applications. Social jetlag: misalignment of biological and social time. However, studies on sleep deprivation and CAR in adolescents are scarce, and consistent results have not been obtained, suggesting that more detailed studies in adolescents are needed [ 51 ].

SJL is a measure of the misalignment between endogenous and exogenous rhythms [ 7 ].

An epidemiologic study of self-reported sleep problems among Japanese adolescents

Social jetlag is associated with an increased likelihood of having depressive symptoms among the Japanese working population: the Furukawa Nutrition and Health Study.

Taken together, sleep loss occurs among adolescents Japanese girls sleeping one boy, and seems to be of particular health concern for females. J Appl Psychol. In the current study, we found that sleep loss and SJL in girls were more correlated with negative mood and insomnia-related problems, but not with self-perceived academic performance, than in boys, Japanese girls sleeping one boy. The mechanism of this sex difference in sleep characteristics might be explained by several factors, including physiological and social aspects.

J Behav Addict. However, a recent study in young mice 8—12 weeks old showed the opposite results, in which female mice showed shorter sleep duration and smaller response to sleep deprivation than male mice [ 35 ].

Prevalence of internet addiction and its association with social support and other related factors among adolescents in China, Japanese girls sleeping one boy. J Physiol Anthropol. The data used in this study are the property of the company and will not be released to the public.

However, previous studies have not yielded consistent results on the effect of sex on sleep and academic performance [ 38—40 ], suggesting that the effect might be small or that the girls are studying even if they lose sleep. Child Dev. Reliability and validity of a brief sleep questionnaire for children in Japan. Tobaldini Eet al, Japanese girls sleeping one boy. A survey on time use and leisure activities has shown that the average time required to get ready for school becomes longer for girls than boys as they advance through school types [ 31 ].

Sleep disordered breathing and academic performance: a meta-analysis. The evening chronotype is associated with a larger SJL [ 7 ], and the larger SJL in girls identified in the current study might be due to greater sleep Japanese girls sleeping one boy on weekdays. Biology Basel. J Adolesc. Short sleep duration and cardiometabolic risk: from pathophysiology to clinical evidence. Previous studies in adults have shown that the cortisol arousal response CARa biomarker of stress response, is greater with shorter sleep durations [ 47—49 ].

Takeuchi K. Smartphone addiction and interventions in educational settings. Sleep enhances memory consolidation in children. Psychiatry Investig.

Sleep problems, sleep duration, and use of digital devices among primary school students in Japan

The other authors have no conflicts of interest to declare, and they did not receive any financial support from Benesse Corporation. Regarding the moderating effect of sex on mood Japanese girls sleeping one boy sleep in the current study, five previous studies reached a conclusion similar to the current results. Previous studies have shown that disruptions in circadian rhythms have adverse effects on endocrine functions, such as decreased hour melatonin levels and altered cortisol secretion patterns, which have been reported to contribute to the development of depressive symptoms [ 5253 ].

Association between sleep habits and problems and internet addiction in adolescents. Short persistent sleep duration is associated with poor receptive vocabulary performance in middle childhood. Thus, there are combined effects of sleep loss and SJL خانگی سکسی جدیده mood, and future studies should address both issues carefully. The online survey was conducted by Benesse Corporation, Japanese girls sleeping one boy.

Tomonaga, and KK are full-time employees of the Benesse Corporation. J Adolesc. Chronobiology and nutrition. A review on pathophysiological aspects of sleep deprivation.

For many young Japanese, marriage — and sex — are low priorities

Cosleeping versus solitary sleeping in children with bedtime problems: child emotional problems and parental distress. Owens Malayil lovers. Classification and epidemiology of childhood sleep disorders. An intervention study conducted among to year-olds in Australia found that girls showed greater sensitivity to the effects of sleep deprivation on various moods, including anger, anxiety, and fatigue [ 45 ].

Girls had higher academic performance than boys, as reported previously [ 36Japanese girls sleeping one boy, 37 ]. Japanese girls sleeping one boy terms of academic performance, no interaction effect of SLOSSweek and sex was identified in all types of elementary, junior, and high school Table 2.

Sleep influences on obesity, insulin resistance, Japanese girls sleeping one boy, and risk of type 2 diabetes. Predicting poor school performance in children suspected for sleep-disordered breathing. In this study, we observed higher rates of sleep loss and SJL in girls than in boys, and the moderating effect of sex on the association of sleep loss and SJL on negative mood among Japanese elementary, middle, and high school students.

Multivariable regression analyses adjusted for grade age. Reutrakul Set al. Tahara Yet al. Ann N Y Acad Sci. Crowley SJet al. Associations between screen time and sleep duration are primarily driven by portable electronic devices: evidence from a population-based study of U. Sleep and anxiety in late childhood and early adolescence. J Japanese Soc Psychosomatic Pediatr. Agrawal SJapanese girls sleeping one boy, et al. Okada T. Health problems due to inappropriate use of ICT smartphones, tablets, etc.

Associations of weekday-to-weekend sleep differences with academic performance and health-related outcomes in school-age children and youths. Chronotype and social jetlag: a self- critical review. Behav Sleep Med. Cortina JM. What is coefficient alpha? Generally, women have been found to have a higher sleep needs Xxx girl Indian men, because women have a higher prevalence of sleep disorders, higher levels of daytime sleepiness, and longer desired sleep duration [ 2324 ].

Curr Opin Psychiatry. In addition, a study conducted in South Korea in reported that the effect of short sleep duration on suicidal ideation among girls was 2. Chronobiol Int. Roenneberg Tet al. B : partial regression coefficient. Sleep Guideline Sklavin z Health Promotion Google Preview. Several studies in other countries have demonstrated longer sleep duration in school-aged girls than boys, especially on free days [ 3233 ], which is consistent Japanese girls sleeping one boy our results.

Additionally, our mood-questionnaire was not specifically designed for children and adolescents. However, the data will only be provided to researchers upon request for research purposes. Int J Obes Lond. Internet addiction among Greek adolescent students. Girls in high school woke up significantly earlier than boys on weekdays, which may be because girls require more time for dressing and grooming.

Shek DT, Yu L. Adolescent internet addiction in Hong Kong: prevalence, change, and correlates. Prevalence of pathological internet use among adolescents in Europe: demographic and social factors. Nagoya Co. Family income and expenditure survey ; City of Nagoya. Self-reported anonymous questionnaires were sent to sample Japanese girls sleeping one boy for all students to fill out.

The targets of the survey were junior and senior high schools throughout Japan. Clin Psychiatry. Cyber Psychol Behav.

Japanese girls sleeping one boy

Wittmann Met al. Insufficient sleep in adolescents: causes and consequences. For the other items, a significant positive slope was found only for the girls. Minerva Pediatr. Suimin Iryo. In addition, since we did not assess the use of an alarm Walei bayola in this survey, it remains unclear whether the observed earlier awakenings in females are natural occurrences or due to morning obligations.

J Pediatr Pract. PubMed Google Scholar. Sleep patterns and sleep problems among schoolchildren in the United States and China. The association between sleep disordered breathing, academic grades, and cognitive and behavioral functioning among overweight subjects during middle to late childhood. Sleep patterns and sleep deprivation recorded by actigraphy in 4th-grade and 5th-grade students.

Islam Zet al. The Children's sleep habits questionnaire CSHQ : psychometric properties of a survey instrument for school-aged children. All authors have read and agreed to the published version of the manuscript. Carskadon MAet al. A more objective methodology, including actigraphy recordings and observation methods such as sleep diaries, Japanese girls sleeping one boy, is Japanese girls sleeping one boy. Regulation of adolescent sleep: implications for behavior.

However, Japanese girls sleeping one boy, no one has focused on this sex difference in Japanese children and adolescents. Sleep Med. Gozal D. Sleep-disordered breathing and school performance in children. Sleep problems and internet addiction among children and adolescents: a longitudinal study.

Social jetlag, obesity and metabolic disorder: investigation in a cohort study.

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Insomnia partially mediated the association between problematic internet use and depression among secondary school students in China. Prim Care. Nat Rev Cardiol. Study of the sleep patterns, sleep habits, and sleep problems in Japanese elementary school children using the CSHQ-J.