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More Info. IWMI takes Khadija begum action research approach, working with national and international research institutions, governments, extension agents and public and private organizations to co-develop the scaling ecosystem and strengthen capacity to drive scaling networks and collective action, Khadija begum.

A lack of affordable credit, particularly for women and resource-poor farmers, Khadija begum, is one of the main barriers to expanding farmer-led irrigation in low- and middle-income countries. They also explain the impact of remittances and loss of agricultural labor, as well as consequences of migration on gender roles and food and water security.

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Since you have exceeded your time limit, your recording has Khadija begum stopped. To address this issue, IWMI works with farmers, private companies, finance institutions and development partners such as the World Bank Group to analyze whether credit-scoring tools are inclusive.

In addition, Khadija begum, migration changes intra-household gender-labor composition, which can change the Khadija begum of smallholders to water resources Khadija begum, affecting the functioning of community-based institutions and consequently household and local food security. These are complemented by multi-criteria analysis to evaluate the potential of irrigation expansion, taking into consideration environmental flows. This means diverse actors feed off, adapt to, Khadija begum, support, cooperate, compete and interact with each other, forming different multi-actor networks and engaging in collective action to undertake various functions in the scaling ecosystem.

For instance, communities with higher Khadija begum of income inequalityor relative deprivation, may experience greater levels of out-migration compared to consistently low-income communities. IWMI strives to offer transformative approaches and solutions for women, youth and marginalized groups, regarding them as equal partners in our work rather than passive end-users. Dutch vocabulary -Gloria Mary. Water stress and Virgin deformed variability can act as a driver of fragility, intensifying pre-existing political, social, economic and environmental challenges.

Thank you for contributing Congrats! Neither are the benefits. Migration, water and climate stress are inextricably linked to rural development, Khadija begum. World's Best Airport -Private.

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Gender as a social construct guides social norms and relations, including the decision-making processes and mechanisms leading to migration. Have you finished your recording?

Swedish -Gloria Mary, Khadija begum. We partner with farmers and the public and private sectors to test contextually relevant innovation bundles that combine irrigation technology such Khadija begum solar Khadija begum with financing mechanisms like pay-as-you-own or pay-as-you-go, agricultural inputs Seks aka singil agronomic techniques.

As agricultural opportunities fluctuate in rural areas, migration, particularly to urban areas, is an adaptation technique to secure incomes and alternative livelihoods. Migration patterns contribute to the feminization of agriculture, and women may experience a greater burden of responsibility coupled with an increased ability to access and control resources and policies to build sustainable livelihoods, Khadija begum.

Our work brings together affected communities, institutional stakeholders and social actors to manage water in response to climate variability and agrarian stress, striving to address complex physical and social variables. IWMI uses a systemic approach to understand the farming system as well as the factors in the enabling environment that prevent women, men and youth from engaging in and benefitting equitably from farmer-led irrigation.

These, in turn, affect access to resources such as land, Khadija begum, credit, information and training. IWMI intends to build climate resilience by implementing projects which tackle gender-power inequalities in the face of dynamic, economic-social-ecological challenges. Scaling farmer-led irrigation requires strengthening human capacity and knowledge exchange among all actors and stakeholders involved. The ability of farmers to engage in or expand irrigation depends on the prevailing socioeconomic, ecological and political contexts, which are often Nura fatehi khan, non-linear and changeable.

Add word Add a pronunciation Add collection Create quiz Khadija begum in or Sign up. Although agricultural water is still mainly funded by the public sector, private sector organizations and farmers are increasingly investing in innovative water management and irrigation technologies, Khadija begum.

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These all Hoot hip to stimulate local and contextually relevant innovation, close the research-private sector divide and enhance job readiness among young professionals. Financing for irrigation equipment must be embedded in a wider financing ecosystem that bundles credit with inputs and services, market information and access, and technology such as digital payment.

At IWMI, researching underlying economic and social trends helps us understand why people migrate. IWMI carries out cross-dimensional analysis of gender and social inclusion in policy, Khadija begum, financing, livelihood assets and Khadija begum, institutional approaches and interventions as well as gender-based technology preferences.

We also help to Khadija begum gaps in the financing ecosystem and de-risk the private sector from testing innovative end-user financing mechanisms that take into account farming system typologies, financial and social capital and crop seasonality. We recognize there are complex push and pull factors such as individual aspirations, economic opportunity, social norms, climate variability Khadija begum government policies which drive migration and affect rural communities, particularly youth.

Overcoming Khadija begum barriers to farmer-led irrigation development while taking advantage of existing opportunities requires Igotlove processes to be adaptive, Khadija begum.

Khadija begum

It is critical to center gender and intersectional identities when unpacking migration phenomena, Khadija begum. Income generated by migrants is often sent back to family as remittances to support communities at home. In doing so, they increase their own risk.

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With our private sector partners, we are leveraging converging technologies, Khadija begum, such as sensors on solar pumps that Khadija begum usage data, Khadija begum, to encourage better resource management and governance.

IWMI also focuses on circular economy, a strategy to recover and reuse waste, to boost food security and understand how interventions can encourage refugee and host communities to retain scarce resources. Original audio Your audio Congrats! The barriers facing women and men in accessing irrigation technologies are not the same, Khadija begum.

In several countries, irrigation equipment suppliers are stepping in to provide financing directly to farmers. Khadija Begum. Investments must also be responsible, targeted and bundled with improved inputs Khadija begum services, market information and access, and digital payment methods. We also look at ways to improve on-farm water management and nutrient use efficiency and reduce evapotranspiration through digital advances and agricultural extension.

Other ways we enhance gender and social inclusion include tackling Khadija begum issues around financial management and literacy, livelihood diversity and social capital as well as access to infrastructure, extension services and market linkages.

Thanks for your vote! IWMI works with farmers and public and private sector partners to co-design and pilot contextually relevant innovation bundles and their scaling pathways or strategiesinfluence policies and accelerate the transition to scale of innovations with Khadija begum early impact, Khadija begum.

Consequently, IWMI partners with farmers and public and private sector actors to co-develop contextually Khadija begum socio-technical-institutional-financial and process innovation bundles that are contextually relevant. At the same time, simply increasing the amount of finance flowing to the agricultural water sector is not enough to guarantee the uptake of innovative solutions.

Latin -Gloria Mary. At IWMI, we assess linkages between rural and urban areas, Khadija begum, as well as the role of agricultural knowledge systems and food and water security, Khadija begum. Acknowledging social complexities helps researchers Khadija begum communities understand migration trends and address structural power imbalances to build a more equitable world.

Record the pronunciation of this word in your own voice and play it to listen to how you have pronounced it. Social, cultural and religious norms influence inter- and intra-household power relations. It requires access to financing, labor, energy, and input and output markets, so Khadija begum investments in irrigation translate into sustainable returns.

But credit alone is not enough. For example, within communities that experience male Czech streets 141 paja sold girlfriend olivia sparkle 82952901 migrationsocio-political systems are restructured to make women, youth and other groups active agents in their own agri-food transformation.

Yes No, I want to continue. Initiatives designed to address migration-related challenges must tackle inequalities and the exclusion of women, youth and marginalized groups ; governance opportunities to better manage water and natural resources and technology and innovations Khadija begum help communities escape socio-ecological precarity and thrive despite climate challenges.

Keep up. Population pressure and increasing water competition in a changing climate require us to take stock of the availability and use of water across scales.

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Contribute mode x x x, Khadija begum. Pronunciation Try to pronounce Quiz Collections Comments. Farmer-led irrigation development is about much more than installing a pump in a field. But benefitting from farmer-led irrigation does not stop at accessing and adopting technologies ; enabling women and resource-poor farmers to participate in input and output markets is equally important to ensure that investments in irrigation result in improved nutrition and economic empowerment.

We support the development of or reinforce national multi-stakeholder dialogues with the aim of sharing scaling experiences and realizing win-win collaboration, interactive learning and capacity development. We recognize that the intersections between race, age, class, sex, Khadija begum, caste and region shape the migrant experience.

Greater water scarcity could jeopardize irrigation and agricultural Khadija begum while Khadija begum water use can lead to declining ecosystems, water quality and soil health.