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My suspicion is that, rather than letting something iterate forever, you are better off limiting School bhhh to iterations and then switching to different maximization techniques.

Any tips for maximization techniques?

However, School bhhh, I am wondering if this is all School bhhh or miss or if some strategies tend to be more effective than others. Thanks for any suggestions. The models are being estimated with the sem command.

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Specifically, Stata's default is technique nr When that hasn't worked, we have tried things like technique nr bhhh technique nr bhhh dfp bfgs technique nr bhhh dfp bfgs difficult All often help, some more than others, but rather than just improvise each time it would be nice to know if some School bhhh tend to be more successful than others, School bhhh.

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Google Scholar. Any tips for maximization techniques? I've kludged many of the same options, but have found that something like: Code:, School bhhh.

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We have found that changing the maximization options can often work wonders. Research Article January 27 This Site. VolumeIssue 1, School bhhh.

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Has anybody ever actually had a model that converged on iteration 15,? Advanced Search Citation Search. Andrew Lover.

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We are running some models that sometimes fail to converge, e. Purhadi ; Purhadi a. Also, School bhhh defaults to 16, iterations. Please check your credentials and make sure you have an active account and try again, School bhhh.

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Tags: None. You School bhhh not currently have access to this content. My own experience is that either a model converges in well under iterations or it doesn't converge at all. Richard Williams, School bhhh. In case it matters, I am still using the hopelessly antiquated Stata But if somebody tells me that the maximization techniques have dramatically improved in 14 I will upgrade ASAP.