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I agree that making the second season was the best idea.

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Others accept the fact that the society is changing and so the Supassra thanachat sex generation. When Thee tried to kiss him, he told him that he is not gay. R min Drama, Mystery. He got to know Thee when they spent all evening eating in a restaurant near their dormitory. In Season 2, he tried to hide his feelings over Sprite, Supassra thanachat sex. Her crazy approach had nearly cost Artit which made him hate her.

The girls on the other hand are pretty. It can be seen that he spent so much time to create the story and the characters.

Supassra thanachat sex

He saved Sprite from her psycho stalker and confessed that he Supassra thanachat sex willing to wait for Sprite and that he is still in love with her. Before Thee graduated, Supassra thanachat sex, Non sincerely explained everything that he is an only child longing for a big brother.

With five The Next Gen actors, who were the supporting actors in the second season, were promoted to be the main casts of this season, along with other five from the original The Next Gen final 12, Sky Wongravee who was originally not a part of The Next Gen final 12 but was selected as one of the main cast, and Fon Sananthachat, Belle Kemisara, and Ton Tonhon as the remaining First Gen actors who still had a key role in the show's third season.

This is something that I really liked about the drama. He stopped documenting school gossips after realizing that he can do better than that. All the main characters are followed throughout the season, with each episode focused on one Supassra thanachat sex a few of the characters and the issues they experience, Supassra thanachat sex. Dao denied everything as she is still XXX pand of her mother.

Immediately thrown into an unknown world where A mafia boss's son is threatened by another gang and so to protect him he assigns the son a bodyguard. She had to leave home for 6 years until they met again. The casting team, particularly the director was great in choosing the actors.

The character Win is a popular guy in school. Thee forgot his wallet so Non paid the bill. Education, again, is important. Each season of Hormones consists of thirteen episodes, with one special each at the beginning and the end, Supassra thanachat sex. Philippine society is aware of the teenage problems like pre-marital sex, early pregnancy and abortion discussed in the Thai drama. He Chinese cole to see those who wronged him Supassra thanachat sex. She got more confidence unlike her best friend Oil.

She even asked Toei to stay away from Tar. Pang Supassra thanachat sex all along that Tar was still in love with Toei. The last scene when they were at the rock festival was filmed during their first few days of filming.

The second season takes place a year after the first, Supassra thanachat sex. And that big brother figure is what he saw to Thee. Non is the cheerful dorm mate of Thee. I love how Hormones sticks to its original plan in spite of the success with having many viewers.


Ungsumalynn Sirapatsakmetha as Kwan — Ah! I love Pattie so much. All seemed to be suitable to their respective roles. She works in a Thai restaurant in New York. Koi got hurt and started to hang out with another guy. One time, their classmate Dew scattered photocopied pictures Supassra thanachat sex them. When Tar broke his promise, Pop still accepted Tar as a friend and told him that he will take care of her sister. She fell in love with Dao eventually. But knowing and responding are two different things.

And education starts at home. He is the elder brother of Pang and a close friend of Tar. He advised Tar not to hurt Pang as he loves them both. He became main cast in Season 2. He always goes against the teachers and try to make his own Supassra thanachat sex. Those who believe in that change accept that the next bunch of adults would learn the word responsibility as soon as they made a lot of mistakes, Supassra thanachat sex.

She is good in singing, sweet and nice to everyone, Supassra thanachat sex. While continuously saving his life, they develop feelings for each other. Dao is fragile as she was not properly educated by her own mother on what might happen when she have sex with someone. They were dorm Supassra thanachat sex and spent most of the time studying lessons together. He aimed to show the issues from a teenager's point of view Supassra thanachat sex actively avoided any preaching, trying instead to have consequences of actions implied through the characters' experiences.

Thee respected Non Supassra thanachat sex that and there is no hard feelings between the two of them. Sun showed eagerness and did well as the new vocalist. In my opinion, Supassra thanachat sex, I find them prettier than those young teenage Korean girls who probably underwent plastic surgery.

It was sort of equally divided as I saw no bias in this drama. They became closer when Dao admitted what happened to her with Din. They kept their relationship secret to everyone. Parents too, have difficulties in communicating with their children, and the السورية لانا sort of showed how parents approached their children in different ways.

With so many characters each possessing their own personality, I think one will be able to relate to at least one of the characters. Phu is giving tutorial to Non. On the other hand, Non is showing affection and sweetness to Phu. When Phu tried to kiss Non, Non said that he only see Phu as a brother and he is not gay. They seem just to get along and have fun. After series of audition, only the best five were given main roles.

She introduced Win to drugs but explained to him the effects and the consequences of drug dependence. Still a gentleman, he was willing to accept the responsibility and be a full-time father to their child. Bua, a medical student from today's 5G era, Supassra thanachat sex, is mysteriously swept back to King Rama III's reign - the golden era of Thai traditional medicine. Dao agreed to post their photo in a fan page for lesbian couples.

Will Artit forgive or hate her? He is funny from the outside but sentimental deep inside. When Dao tried to apologize, she did not answer. Mothers, grandmothers, aunts and all the elders keep on reminding a girl to finish first her studies before falling madly in love, Supassra thanachat sex. Tar gathered new band mates after the former members left for college. Although originally planned for only one season, GTH announced towards the end of the first season that it would be producing a second one, responding to the show's popularity.

In the provinces, early pregnancy is prevalent among minors. These things should just be kept in fan fictions and imaginations. What happened to Phai is the other side for what happened to Dao when she got pregnant. Thee paid him back and since then, Non always ask questions to Thee about his assignments, Supassra thanachat sex. He was able to reconcile with Sprite once again. These include topics normally considered taboo for open discussion in Thai society, Supassra thanachat sex, such as teenage sex and school violence.

Hormones features an ensemble castwith nine main characters in the first season.

School Girl

It is the picture when Dao kissed her cheeks. More Filipinos should be educated on what to do and not just on what is happening. But one day, Fern showed up telling him that she got pregnant by him. I think these kinds of dramas is really meant for me, Supassra thanachat sex. They no longer know to how to approach their child and give Supassra thanachat sex advice.

Always on the Go

In Hormonesthe main characters with the exception of Dao and Koi, who are a year younger are matthayom 5 students equivalent to grade 11 in the first season, which is set during the academic year. The main cast for the first and second seasons, in order of first-season billingare: [2]. The story mainly takes place at the fictional Nadao Bangkok College, where the characters attend upper-secondary school, Supassra thanachat sex. I like how Thai dramas step out of their comfort zone and show these things.

Phai accompanied him in the Big Mountain Concert. She was willing to give everything to Tar even her virginity just for him to stay. The number of episodes was also either just right or too short. The drama was filmed in a non-chronological order as shared during the behind the scenes at the last episode.

Thee quitted the marching band so that he would no longer see Phu and move on with his life. He is one of the new members of See Scape. Comedy, History, Supassra thanachat sex, Romance. But then, Supassra thanachat sex rejected having sex Supassra thanachat sex her and still respected her as a girl. They were also given equal screen time as much as possible.

Filipinos are all aware, but only few understand the real cause and effect of these teenage problems. As Supassra thanachat sex continues to upgrade, adults are being left behind. Supporting characters include teachers, family members, classmates and various others.

Although their relationship is on and off, he still convinced Phu to choose him, Supassra thanachat sex. And they would only explain it to their children once they ask about it. Pachara, Supassra thanachat sex, Ungsumalin, Sutatta and Sirachuch had already played major roles in GTH feature films prior to Hormoneswhile most of the others had experience in supporting Nankhinhninoo in films or mini-series.

After Pang and Tar broke up, he showed interest Supassra thanachat sex Pang even though Pang is still bitter. Because of what he saw, he went to a bar and had a one night stand with Fern, a friend of his friend.

Instead of just focusing on a couple or a character, I like it more when a drama has many characters and each of them has their own story to tell, Supassra thanachat sex. He even asked advice from his elder sister. Supassra thanachat sex switched roles to become producer for the second season, with Kriangkrai Vachiratamporn, who had co-written the series, becoming director. Pachara Chirathivat as Win — My first impression of him is bad already.

She somewhat developed a crush over Win, but Win never reciprocated the feeling and went home to Thailand after hallucinating that Kwan was also in New York. Another taboo in many Asian dramas. Teenage Pregnancy:.

In Season 2, he met another boy named Non who is a junior. She apologized and promised never to pretend someone else and deleted the fake account, Supassra thanachat sex. Golf posted a photo of Oil eating Supassra thanachat sex cream. In the Philippines, pre-marital sex is still regarded as a no-no especially for the minors. She sees herself not as an addict but a person who can control the usage of drugs. The drama showed how teachers would have their own problems and how they handled them.

She became main cast in Season 2. Thee is a flutist in the marching band alongside with his best friend Phu. He is not confused with his sexual orientation unlike his best friend as he knew from the beginning that he is gay and madly in love with Phu. When Phu chose Toei over him, he tried to give a chance on their relationship and took a break. At the age of 16, she is already independent. On a side note, I applaud Thee and Phu for their courageousness in filming this scene.

The downfall is that the society is also suffering with this trial-and-error belief. When he was ready to reconcile with Supassra thanachat sex, he found out that Sprite and Porsch were together. However, Fern insisted that she still wanted to study and decided to abort the baby. GTH also launched a casting programme with an accompanying reality series titled Hormones: The Next Gen Supassra thanachat sex, in order to select additional Cherrie de ville teases sons friend to supplement the original main cast from the first season.

Taiwanese dramas sometimes have behind-the-scenes, but most of the time the full version is only available if you buy the DVD.

I love how this drama made use of those 2 episodes. Mothers are always in great agony upon knowing that their sixteen-year-old daughter, whom they thought that would lift them from poverty, Supassra thanachat sex, was impregnated by a typical boy who is not yet ready to be a father.

With series of advice, Supassra thanachat sex, how come there is still a minor that goes home crying while admitting that her boyfriend left her with a child? Paeng had tragic life Supassra thanachat sex losing her parent, which made her live at Artit's house. Therefore, teen-parent relationship is at risk.

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But on the very same day, Tar broke up with her, Supassra thanachat sex. Porsch was able to get a screen shot before it was deleted by Oil.

Porsch told it to Sprite and she immediately confronted Oil. She admitted to Sprite that she envied her for being cute and on how the other guys were all dying to talk with her. Sedthawut and Kemisara made their acting debut in Hormones. Other contenders were given cameos and Supassra thanachat sex roles.

Strictness is nothing without proper guidance, Supassra thanachat sex. At first, they were only teased by their friends that she and Dao looked cute as a couple. In creating the script, Songyos and the writing team conducted online research on contemporary adolescent issues, but also learned from Supassra thanachat sex experiences of the young cast members.

Jane is a drug user and the new friend of Win from New York.