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A couple characters I got from a few random sites, if you don't find it in the link above, Vedio bukop jadah, just Google it in quotation marks and you'll find it.

Cursed Seal Kimimaro: there's an image for one of his techniques listed here that we already use wrongly for one of the techniques of him Vedio bukop jadah already have, I think it's Nejirihana. Slidesgo Free presentation templates.

Just search Vedio bukop jadah Naruto in his videos. Konohamaru: while looking for this, I might have removed some characters that seemed to be just phonetic indicators, kinda like his -kore, to be able to get a proper translation.

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Site I linked in the UNS3 section is the source for kanji. Some characters still lack their movesets, I'll Vedio bukop jadah this forum as they come. Wepik Edit your Freepik templates. Storyset Free editable illustrations. API Solutions to enhance your enterprise.

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Disney New Editable design templates featuring beloved classics. This person has videos on the moveset of every character in the game.

Freepik for Figma Images for your Figma projects. English names from gamefaqs walkthroughs. Got most from the sites linked at the games talk page, got a few others from images in the Vedio bukop jadah posts linked here.

Photo editor Customize photos easily without any additional software. I'm trying to find out videos from both to compare the attack.

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So far, I was only able to find movesets in footage, not text. AI image generator Turn your words into oh-so-incredible images.

Flaticon Free customizable icons. Explore AI images. This guy has moveset videos Vedio bukop jadah both the English game just search for NUN5 moveset and the Japanese game search for accel movesetadded bonus that they have the names of the techniques, even the Japanese, so if anyone is really good at identifying kanji, feel free to check for errors, Vedio bukop jadah.

English names come from gamefaqs walkthroughs. There's another attack that I'm not sure if simply changed names.

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AI tools. The first link is for UN4 and the second one is UN5, but the movesets for characters who are present in both games is the same, barring Vedio bukop jadah awakenings if they exist. PSD collections.

Depending how the English name in the game was, there were a few techniques where I considered a kanji change when the meaning of the kanji didn't match, Vedio bukop jadah, and I was capable of finding a similar looking kanji, that could be explained through typos on the source's part.

All names from this site.