Video of the new Brazilian amateur

The most common technique is the use of "windows" in the image, in which new images can be invoked to turn the screen into a hybrid space for multiple images, Video of the new Brazilian amateur, multiple voices, multiple texts.

In fact the new generation, which makes its public appearance in the 90's, makes the most of the accumulated experience, comes to a synthesis of the work of its two generations of predecessors, and sets out in the direction of more mature work, of a reinforcement of previous achievement. The work of Sandra Kogut is something rather different again. Figure 6.


The triviality of daily life, the stereotyped behavior of people, mass tourism, the futility of postcardsthese are all material that the videomaker takes up; he builds, on them yet against them, an implacable reflection on contemporary civilization.

Figure 8. The technique of multiple writing that is the stamp of this work, where text, voices, sounds, and simultaneous images combine and strive to form a canvas of rare complexity, constitutes in itself the structural evidence for what may be called the aesthetic of saturation, of excess a maximum concentration of information in a minimum of space-timeand of instability the almost absolute absence of any structural integrity or of any thematic or stylistic systematization.

Digital editing resources such as those available to Kogut for the montage of Parabolic People make for unlimited possibilities of constructive intervention within the frame. I fell on the floor. Keywords: science communicationlegitimation strategiesVideo of the new Brazilian amateurdiscourse analysis. Figure 3. Most of the representatives of this generation come from the রসরর of independent video; however, they opt for more personal, more individual work, less militant, less socially engaged, Video of the new Brazilian amateur.

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More Mass Casualty Incidents Videos. The more people subscribe the videos, the more popularity and visibility they gain on the platform. Indeed, the opposite is true; Santos' videos may be seen as the most radical, the least given to making concessions, of any Brazilian videographic producer.

More Mass Casualty Incidents News. Here, in a disturbing reversal of roles, the object of investigation ends up behind the cameras, thus becoming the subject of that investigation. On the contrary: as the video goes on, the beggars begin Video of the new Brazilian amateur impose their own discourse, and to put forward, with complete independence, the singularity of their own world view.

It is easy to understand this deconstructionist fury in relation to audio-visual works: Santos attacks in his videos exactly the loss of the vitality of the images, their reduction to cliches worn out by the abuse of repetition.

Along with the mention, he encouraged the viewers to watch such videos. Figure 1, Video of the new Brazilian amateur. Plan Introduction. Naturally, taking into account the technical possibilities of Eisenstein's time, montage within the frame "vertical" or "polyphonic" montage, as he called it could only be thought of and practiced as an arrangement of contradictory elements and as counterpoint between image and sound.

Eder Santos is perhaps the best and most widely known of today's Brazilian videomakers. Figure 4. Get More Information. Results and discussion Theme and enunciation scenes 25 Most of the analyzed YouTube channels presented videos that approached different science themes. Full story: Brazil night club fire: Amateur video of rescue surfaces.

Courriel : priscila. A stronger modality of interaction, however, was verified less often, and the mention to commentaries published by the viewers in the commentaries section of the videos figure Indian aunty sexy girls most cases, the YouTubers answered questions posed by users or commented on the repercussion of previous videos.

Both make use of deliberate interference with the technical equipment to cause loss of vertical frame synchronicity; this makes the image oscillate non-stop before the eyes of the spectator so that it is difficult, if not impossible, to see, Video of the new Brazilian amateur.

Amateur video captures chaos of Brazilian nightclub fire

Voir la notice dans le catalogue OpenEdition. The same could be said about references to other videos from YouTube channels: they appeared in six channels but in only one it was a constant feature figure Canal do Pirula was the only one to try to create intertextuality relating to different YouTube science channels. More EMS1 Articles. Constant use of slang and swear words Agrandir Original jpeg, 88k.

The only commitment common to all representatives of this last generation is the investigation of expressive forms specific to video, and the exploration of stylistic resources that speak to the sensitivity of men and women at this century's end. In this, they return to certain of the guidelines of the pioneers. Thus any humiliation in the approach to the protagonists is avoided [8]. Theoretical perspective 12 The investigation of the construction of discursive ethos has gained importance in studies of Discourse Analysis from a French perspective, especially by the work developed by Dominique MaingueneauVideo of the new Brazilian amateur, Methodology 18 As an analysis corpus, we chose to study the 10 most popular science channels in YouTube Brazil.

Navigation — Plan du site. Although leaving aside traditional positions, they are still the most popular science channels in Brazil, which indicates that Brazilian public is more concerned about the content itself than with the credentials of the YouTuber per se. Some videomakers Sandra Kogut is one produce outside Brazil, so as to have access to greater financial and technological resources; others including Eder Santos use material produced in Brazil and abroad.

More Product news. You must enable JavaScript in your browser to view and post comments. The YouTuber often mentioned videos from other channels, especially when they had addressed the same theme as his own videos.

Access in August 20th Think with Google. Indeed, one of the beggars ends Video of the new Brazilian amateur by taking the enunciation of the work upon himself; microphone in hand, he sets out to direct the interviews with his partners. These intertextuality resources fortify the identity of the channel, conducting people to check content produced in other platforms, Video of the new Brazilian amateur, too.

If it were possible to reduce to a single word the aesthetic project presupposed Video of the new Brazilian amateur the videographic work of Sandra Kogut, that word would be multiplicity; here we have an unceasing search for this multiplicity, which expresses a contemporary mode of knowledge.

The First Generation: Pioneers

Agrandir Original jpeg, 84k. The footage shows the chaotic rescue scene with firefighters struggling to put out Bangladesi sex desi blaze and rescue as many people as possible. While most of them were announcing tickets for Video of the new Brazilian amateur YouTubers live performances, the channel Space Today was the only one to have a store of its own, selling t-shirts with astronomy themes.

Names like those of Sandra Kogut and Eder Santos are internationally known; others, such as Arnaldo Antunes and Walter Silveira, even if less well-known abroad, are respected in the cultural panorama of Brazil. She has research experience in the fields of discourse analysis, Video of the new Brazilian amateur, cyberculture, and environmental communication.

Readings for technical communicationCanada, Oxford University Press,pp. Sergei Eisenstein, in a discussion of the expressive potential of montage [10]had already suggested in the area of cinema the possibility of an in-frame montagea combination of imagistic elements of contemporary times; these would relate to each other simultaneously and not just, as occurs in the cinema, as a linear succession of planes.

Two further names of importance in the context of the third generation of Brazilian videomakers are Walter Silveira and Arnaldo Antunes.

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The world is seen and represented as a web of relationships, inextricable in their complexity, where each moment is marked by the simultaneous presence of elements of the most heterogeneous nature: all this is in tumultuous movement that renders events, contexts, operations changeable and almost impossible to grasp [9].

Figure 2, Video of the new Brazilian amateur. Paradoxically, his work is not easy. Agrandir Original jpeg, 68k. There is หลิปหลุดดารา case, obviously, of suggesting that they are all the same place; Thisgirlsuck possible readings of these simultaneous events are studied; subtle, unthought of, sometimes absurd links between them are discovered.

Introduction 1 The Video of the new Brazilian amateur of digital technologies by scientific communities, among other actors, has caused various transformations in the field of science communication processes. The links between the videos through the use of hypertext allow a reconfiguration in the discursive memory of the web Paveau, bwhich relates the video to previous co-texts and discursive sequences that are concomitant to it.

In this sense, they can work as key actors in promoting science culture and scientific interest to younger generations. More Product Listings.

Video of the new Brazilian amateur

YouTube and Science Communication 6 YouTube video platform has become a versatile tool for science dissemination, education, and communication practices. This artist seems to concentrate and express the most decisively innovative tendencies in video art; yet at the same time she radicalizes the process initiated by Nam June Paik of electrification of the Video of the new Brazilian amateur and disintegration of any sort of unity or discursive homogeneity.

Diana Monteiro, the 52nd edition of the Brazilian Championship took place in which athletes such as Andre Assis, Larissa Dick and Deivison Teixeira among others were the winners.

Video Art: The Brazilian Adventure

In many of his video-installations, Santos has his video images projected onto textured or wrinkled walls, or onto piles of sand or otherwise irregular surfaces, so as to disturb the intelligibility of the image or to corrupt their figurative coherence. By doing so, we were also able to identify how these YouTubers differ from traditional actors in the communication of science contents. Still, in some videos, scientific authority and journalistic references are used as strategies to legitimate Video of the new Brazilian amateur enunciates.

Janauba is remotely inspired by an old, practically mythological, film from Brazil's silent cinema, Limiteby Mario Peixoto; it is almost a return to the origins of the audio-visual, an attempt to revive values which civilization has forgotten. Main theme of the videos Agrandir Original jpeg, Video of the new Brazilian amateur, k.

Main subgenre of the channels Agrandir Original jpeg, 96k. Figure 5. They are generally composed of noises, interferences, "defects," problems with the technical apparatus; at times they go to the very limits of visualization. One may also perceive a certain extenuation of local concerns, an approach to themes of universal interest, and a more direct link with international videographic production.

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The presence of the hypertexts, along with the reference to previous videos, Video of the new Brazilian amateur, constructs an idea of unity and continuity for some of the channels, thus turning the channels themselves in coherent databases of interconnected contents.

The sponsored videos are more likely to appear in the most popular channels, since they are more attractive for sponsors. Take, for example, the series Parabolic People : digital editing and processing resources allow an almost infinite number of images or, rather, fragments of images to be brought to the television screen; here they are combined into unexpected arrangements that are immediately rethought and questioned, to be redefined in new combinations.

Among the subgenres, the most frequent one was monologue, a subgenre that Video of the new Brazilian amateur less production and edition than the others, and which we found in commonly used YouTube format. Figure 7.

Science on YouTube: Legitimation Strategies of Brazilian Science YouTubers

The study of the scenographies showed a prevalence of the didactic one that places the YouTuber in the role of a teacher. The activity will continue with the next celebration of the legendary Mr Universe event in Brazil, which will take place in the month of August from the city of Sao Paulo.

Video: Brazilian referee pulls a gun during local amateur match

On a single screen we can have one image occupying the whole area, and at the same time numerous windows within this image, allowing us to visualize other images or even minimal fragments of other images whence the possibility of a "cubist" montage not to mention innumerable typologies for texts and a vast diversity of graphic signs [11].

Almost nothing remains to be seen except for the pale traces of images. This strategy was found in four channels figure We observed requests for monthly contributions through online tools, such as Patreon or its Brazilian version, Apoia-se. Nurse Education Todayv, Video of the new Brazilian amateur. How do YouTubers present themselves? He sometimes uses fragments of Super-8 films, generally the naive work of amateurs, to desublimize the image and lay bare the modules of its organization.

But such a work as Janauba shows the ideal that he so tirelessly seeks: to bring back the primordial energy of the visual arts, to re-establish Xxx video teacher and student Hindi meaning and force of the images, lost in the ocean of industrial Video of the new Brazilian amateur of today. Main scenography of the channels Agrandir Original jpeg, k.

Courriel : nataliflores gmail. They also subvert the common image of severity that seems to be associated with a discursive memory of the scientific field. By introducing more humorous and interesting ways of talking about science, YouTube science channels may become the main reference of science to younger audiences, which are accustomed to the Internet and audiovisual discourses.

She has research experience in discourse analysis of media discourses. Video of the new Brazilian amateur single online store that sells t-shirts with science themes was mentioned in four of the studied channels. But on the horizon of the electronic image, these limits no longer exist. The Third Generation: The Video of Creation The third generation of Brazilian videomakers can hardly be said to represent a radical change in style, content or form by comparison with the two preceding phases.